Ours is a simple yet powerful belief: as recipients of God’s love and mercy we are called by Christ to serve our neighbors. We serve the underserved by helping close the gap between those who enjoy quality medical care and those who do not. We offer physical, emotional and spiritual care, and we deliver continuity, stability and hope as we share the message of grace. This is the story of Grace Medical Home, and these are the Faces of Grace.

Shont’a’s Story

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Margarita’s Story

Juanda’s Story

Board Member Dianna Morgan, 2018 Lifework Leadership Legacy Award

Dianna Morgan, board member of Grace Medical Home Board Member is the 2018 recipient of the Lifework Leadership Legacy Award. Each year during Lifework Leadership’s class graduation, a local leader is honored for their outstanding service to the community and legacy they have created.

Perez Arcila Family's Story

Coming to Grace Medical Home, the Perez Arcila family was lost, alone and desperate.

Their youngest daughter, Isabella was born with a very rare disease and their home country of Venezuela did not have the resources or treatment options available to help her.  Her mother, Dayana knew that she needed better care and would stop at nothing until she received it.

“I had never before seen my daughter smile.” – Dayana

They abandoned their home in search of help and finding Grace Medical Home was an answer to prayer.

Isabella’s mother walked into Grace’s lobby one day and simply would not take no for answer. She had come to us for help, to provide her daughter with a chance to survive and she was not leaving until Isabella was given the care she so desperately needed. Our team immediately realized the severity of the situation and pulled all resources to get this little girl the care she deserved.

After being patients of Grace for six months, “My daughter smiled for the first time”.  

The Perez Arcilla family’s story has come full circle as the father, an engineer by trade, has now gained employment and they are on track to obtaining their own private health insurance. This does mean the family will be relocating out of state, and while we already miss them dearly, our Grace family is so happy for their success.

Sandra’s Story

Currently, Sandra is a caretaker for her elderly mother. Sandra has been married for 33 years, has four adult children and 10 grandchildren.

“For a while, I was feeling like I didn’t matter.”

She waited 3 months for her appointment with Grace Medical Home. After 3 years, Sandra prefers Grace to any other physician she’s had throughout her lifetime.

“I felt peace and comfort the moment I got there. There was an advocate for me. I didn’t have to worry about my own healthcare because I know it was in their hands.”

Today, Sandra feels like she matters.

“Grace Medical Home has done miraculous things for many people including myself. I love the Lord and I feel renewed. He is always watching over me.”

Suzanne’s Story

Because of God and Grace Medical Home, I am a “success story.”

"When I first entered the doors of Grace Medical Home two and a half years ago, I was in desparate need of help dealing with a chronic, very painful autoimmune disease. The agonizing pain was unbearable. I had received treatment at an emergency care facility and began to look for long-term care."

I made the call to Grace and the rest, as they say, is history.

"Though I am still in the midst of conquering this disease, I am fully confident, comfortable and content with the overall personal care I receive at Grace Medical Home."

While God is radically changing hearts, He’s using Grace to radically change lives. I am a testimony to both.

"I actually tear up sometimes when I talk about Grace and what it has meant, and still means, to me. They are undoubtedly a gift from God and I am far beyond just thankful for them."

Blanca’s Story

You don’t know what events in your life the Lord will use to bring you home. Grief brought Blanca to Grace Medical Home. Her sister died suddenly from a stroke. A local counselor recommended personal counseling so she turned to Grace.

“The counseling and medical treatment I received was wonderful. They asked me lots of questions and really tried to get to know me.”

Blanca is also a member of the highly successful Diabetes Prevention Program. Through the DPP, she has learned a lot about handling her own health.

“Basically they give you all the tools you need to eat properly.”

The DPP team is known for being incredibly encouraging. Blanca says she is blessed to be a part of the Grace Medical Home family.

Dana’s Story

I really can’t say enough nice things about Grace Medical Home. We came in 2013 because we had a need to replace an expired EpiPen for my son’s wasp allergy. They welcomed us in and got all of my children up to date on their immunizations.

I’ve been in a lot of doctors’ offices over the years and I find that Grace Medical Home exemplifies professional standards of care. They exceed expectations and never once make anyone feel like they are poor, inferior, or a charity case. It’s hard to explain why that matters so much, but it is the reason they accomplish their mission. Every kind, smiling face assures that.

“No one missed the grace of God.”

Orange County is blessed to have Grace Medical Home. It is a model for others to follow. I pray that God will use your efforts to build His kingdom.

Joan’s Story

Joan was referred to Grace Medical Home by her brother. He couldn’t stop talking about how great it was. Before coming to Grace, if Joan was sick, she would go to the hospital.

“I love Grace because they are like family. They know my name, they listen, and they make me feel really good.”

Joan has been a Grace Medical Home patient for four years.

“They love you with the love of the Lord. The volunteers, the doctors, and the staff are there because they want to be there. They are here to take time out for me.”

Joan appreciates the advice and care from the doctors.

“At Grace Medical Home, they listen to your needs and try to help you figure out what’s going on with you. They love you right where you are.”