What Is Spiritual Care?

Spiritual Care is a service offered to patients of Grace Medical Home who need support or encouragement. Spiritual Care volunteers are here to listen, share, to show Christ’s love, provide resources contact information if needed, to pray with those who share a need for prayer, and to build a positive relationship with each person they encounter.

The Spiritual Care Team Mission Statement

Listen with compassion; meet individuals where they are in life; provide care for existing needs; and offer a safe place to communicate concerns with dignity, respect and love.

We work together as a team to provide whole patient care. Spiritual information may be shared with other team members to support spiritual, medical, and emotional well-being.

What Grace Offers

  • A non-judgmental person to talk to
  • A source of support, compassion and hope
  • A safe place to talk
  • A listening ear
  • A caring volunteer
  • A link in the chain of love and care at Grace Medical Home

Scripture Cards at Grace

The subjects below are examples of the many issues we deal with on a daily basis. Click on a link below for encouragement and to read how scripture addresses these topics. These scripture cards and others can also be found on a wall rack in our lobby waiting room.

Would you like to speak with a Spiritual Care Team Member?

To learn more contact Johnathan Lein 407-936.2785 ext 2069 or email info@gracemedicalhome.org