We are now accepting applications for our 2019-2020 Gap Year Internships! Please find an internship description and application instructions below: 

Clinical Internships 

Internship Details

Looking to gain more out of an internship than simply credit hours? Grace Medical Home can provide you with a year-long, full-time clinical internship that will expose you to an entirely new way of practicing medicine. Here at Grace, we make it our mission to serve Christ by providing comprehensive and superb healthcare to the local uninsured of Orange County. Interns are exposed to all aspects of patient care and given the opportunity to learn and work hands-on with our amazing staff, volunteers and other health professionals in a unique, supportive, and caring Christ-centered environment.

Grace Medical Home is a NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home and has approximately 10 primary care providers, as well as 25 on-site specialty clinics at our practice. To apply for this position please fill out the below form and attach all necessary documents.

Applicant Requirements

  • Work a minimum of 25 hours per week. We understand that some interns may need to take a class or work a second job and we can be flexible with the schedule. However, the ideal candidate would be able to work full time in order to be exposed to all aspects of our practice.

  • Detail-oriented and willingness to learn.

  • Commitment to serve others and be part of a team who shares the vision of Grace.

  • Obtain appropriate license (such as CNA) if clinical hours are required.

Opportunities gained through this experience

  • Work hands on and directly with not only our family of physicians, PAs and ARNP’s, but several other allied health professionals in vastly diverse fields.

  • Learn valuable skills such as medical terminology and proficient use of electronic health record systems.

  • Experience the beauty and difference of practicing medicine in a Christ centered environment.

  • Work alongside, and build relationships with interns in similar fields.

  • Fulfill required clinical/credit hours in order to complete your education

  • Be a part of something bigger than yourself by assisting in giving the underprivileged and undervalued the healthcare they deserve.

  • Gain unique insight to our “Medical Home Model”. A relationship and patient focused approach to primary care that also encompasses specialty care, care coordination, medication management, mental health, spiritual care and more

    To apply for a position, please fill out the attached form and submit along with your resume.