Internship Details

Grace Medical Home is currently accepting applications for full-time, year-long, unpaid internships at our medical practice.  The primary focus areas of internships revolve around:  care coordination, medication care and clinical care management.  Grace Medical Home is a certified Patient Centered Medical Home and has up to 10 primary care providers and approximately 21 on-site specialty clinics at our practice. Interns will be exposed to all aspects of patient care and have the opportunity to shadow and work hand in hand with physicians and health professionals in a positive, caring environment. For more information about Grace, as well as what a Medical Home is in general, please visit the “About Grace” section of our website.

This internship is ideal for college graduates taking a year off before pursuing an advanced degree in medicine or another health-related field.  The primary hope we have for our interns is to increase their exposure to medicine, learn medical terminology, and sculpt a vision for their medical future.   Students will work alongside clinical staff and volunteers to provide quality care to the low-income, uninsured in our community.  They will have meaningful interactions with our patients while gaining invaluable skills and experiences that will help equip them for the future.  

Applicant Requirements

  • Work a minimum of 25 hours per week.  We understand that some interns may need to take a class or work a second job and we can be flexible with the schedule.  However, the ideal candidate would be able to work full time in order to be exposed to all aspects of our practice.
  • Detail-oriented and willingness to learn.
  • Commitment to serve others and be part of a team who shares the vision of Grace.
  • Obtain appropriate license (such as CNA) if clinical hours are required.

Opportunities gained through this experience

  • Increase chance of acceptance into medical or PA school or any other health-related graduate program.  Around 30 interns have participated at Grace in the past 5 years, and 100% of them have been accepted into their various graduate school programs.
  • Practice responsibility and accountability in area of focus.  Our interns are vital at Grace in order to provide high level of care for the uninsured, low income.
  • Exposure to the medical home model centered around relationships with patients and encompassing primary care, specialty care, care coordination, care management, medication care, mental health, spiritual care and more.
  • Acquire medical terminology which will equip interns for their future.  Former interns repeatedly tell us they were far more prepared for medical/PA school because they already knew medical terms and conditions.
  • Become proficient using an electronic health record.
  • Be a vital part of a team with a vision of providing comprehensive, quality care reflecting the heart of Christ to those in our community who need it most.
  • Shadow physicians, PAs, ARNPs, or other allied health professionals such as LCSW and learn the benefits of these services for whole-patient care.
  • Obtain clinical hours if required for your application.  Many interns became Certified Nursing Assistants and worked under staff RNs and achieved the desired clinical hours for their field.
  • Experience practicing medicine in a Christ-centered culture that includes establishing relationships with our patients, staff and volunteers with more quality time spent with each patient.

Job descriptions are available upon request.

Applications are no longer being accepted for 2017. Please check back in December to apply for 2018

To apply for a position, please fill out the attached form and submit along with your resume.