Our New Home

It’s official, we’ve moved! Please visit us at our new building located at 1417 E. Concord Street.

Our new location is almost triple our previous space. We’'ll be able to increase the number of patients we can serve, increase service offerings, and add new services like Dental.

We will be forever grateful to the community who made this space possible!

A Medical Home

A medical home is not a building, house or hospital, but rather an approach to providing continuous, comprehensive primary care. Think of a medical home as a hub or home base where a patient’s medical history is known and their medical care is coordinated.  Patients have an ongoing and personal relationship with their physician and a place to turn for their healthcare needs.

More Than Medicine

At Grace, we recognize that the needs of our patients go much deeper than primary care medicine. We’ve revolutionized our approach to care by treating our patient’s entire well-being into consideration. Our goal is to make sure all of our patient’s are not only medically healthy, but spiritually and emotionally healthy as well.

A Message from Dr. Marvin Hardy

“Those who are poor, yet created in Gods image, are not receiving the same quality of health care as others of greater means.  In fact, this gap is growing and many more are being left behind.  In order to adequately meet the needs of the underserved, Grace must continue to be a high-quality, comprehensive medical home that is fully reliant on Christ and reflects his character.  My position before God is  no different than the patient I am serving.  We are all in need of His grace and mercy.  I hope this attitude permeates Grace.”