To provide quality healthcare and health education to members of the population without access to such services while nurturing an interest in underserved medicine in future health professionals.


Our goals are to provide medical and preventive care to those without healthcare and educate the community using an interdisciplinary, community based approach. At the same time, we endeavor to instill in students an appreciation for community-based medicine and serving disadvantaged populations.


Held twice a month at Grace Medical Home, the clinic is coordinated by medical students from the UCF College of Medicine and staffed by students, faculty and physician volunteers from all areas of study, including medical, nursing, undergraduate, and graduate students, working in interdisciplinary teams alongside community collaborators and under the guided supervision of licensed practitioners.


UCF College of Medicine, Nursing, Health and Public Affairs faculty and students bring a free two-day health clinic to the underserved in Apopka Fla. They are joined by the UF Pharmacy as well as physicians from UCF Health, volunteer doctors and a social worker.