Pray For Grace Medical Home:

We invite all people to participate in Grace.   The most cherished way is through prayer, as it is the foundation of all that we do at Grace Medical Home.  Every day is an uphill pursuit at Grace and we need the Lord's guidance each step of the way.  We strive daily to provide the highest level of medical care for those who have been left behind and it is a privilege to walk alongside our patients.  Coordinating their care with very limited resources can be challenging.

  • Pray for the staff and volunteers to  trust that God will provide
  • Please pray for our patients as many have not had medical care in a long time and their needs are great
  • Pray for healing to the body, wellness to the soul, and inspiration to the spirit of the person
  • Pray for the relationships that will be formed with our patients and for the guidance and direction needed to care for them
  • Pray for provision of financial resources needed to sustain our mission to serve
  • Pray for us all as we “see to it that no misses the Grace of God”  Hebrews 12:15

Thank you for being a vital part of the Grace team.